Loyalist Tartan Colours

Terry Watson and David Smyth, both of whom hailed from Donegall Pass were members of the Pass Young Tartan, a name which echoes Thomas Carnduff’s Pass Clan from the same area of the city over 70 years previously.

Watson remembers that in the period 1970-71 he and his friends were in a gang :‘there was a squad of us run about in Donegall Pass ….we just all hung about the street corners and we rioted and fought and we did silly things’ He recalls hearing about the Rathcoole Kai, Woodstock Tartan and the Young Newton from the Lower Newtownards Road and thinking ‘we may as well become the Pass Young Tartan’ ….. P.Y.T.

One of the gang went out and bought a tartan scarf as fashion dictated. Watson remembers that the Pass Young Tartan thus adopted : Bright Red Tartan with a bit of Blue through it.

‘He came round one night with it hanging from his skinners – so the next minute everybody was going round to the local Paragon Material Fibre & Clothing Shop, so the Paragon was doing a bomb in selling this tartan cloth….you were not only getting them for your trousers to hang but you got them on your wrists and you got them on your neck….so you’d maybe two or three tartan scarves running about the house and your parents were buying you these not realising what the Tartans were actually going to be….some of the (most) feared gangs probably in the UK at one stage – and rightly so.’


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